Yosemite national park the national treasure essay

USGS ecological processes studies in Yosemite National Park include those associated with fire regimes, plant invasions, meadow ecosystems, and climate change. Unless reserved or protected the whole region will soon or late be devastated by lumbermen and sheepmen, and so of course be made unfit for use as a pleasure ground.

The second-oldest still-existing national park in the world is Royal National Park in Australia, founded in Savage, was angered that the natives he sought had somehow disappeared into the mountains. THE upper Tuolumne Valley is the widest, smoothest, most serenely spacious, and in every way the most delightful summer pleasure park in all the high Sierra.

Rockfall and Debris-flow Hazards Rockfalls and landslides are natural part of the processes that shape the steep valley walls and rock domes of Yosemite. Conservationists complain about a lack of funding to identify and preserve at-risk sites, but even if these locations could all be propped up and artifacts protected, the changes to the wider ecosystems march on.

Larger image The rare Yosemite bog-orchid Platanthera yosemitensis was identified as a new species in When a rock fell on February 11, and landed within the footprint of one of the cabins that was removed, it demonstrated the merit of the scientific hazard and risk assessment and the prudent removal of buildings by NPS from hazardous areas, and probably saved lives or at least prevented serious injury.

Multiple velocity and water-depth measurements along a stream cross section are used to calculate the total volume of water passing a certain location over a specific period of time cubic feet per second.

In this lesson, students explore Stephen Mather's policy of encouraging automobile use to and through the park system. But there are fine camping-grounds all along the meadows, and one may move from grove to grove every day all summer enjoying a fresh home and finding enough to satisfy every roving desire for change.

Cooling and crystallization of this deep-seated magma required millions of years. The brier-rose occurs in large patches, with tall, spiky mints and arching grasses. Ax and plow, hogs and horses, have long been and are still busy in Yosemite's gardens and groves.

One whispers, "He dwells in peace," the other is the thunder of his chariot wheels in power. It did not matter to the U.

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In the open sunshine the snowy lasts until June, but the new season's vegetation is not generally in bloom until late in July. Most go unnoticed by visitors, but when rockfalls happen in places popular with visitors, the results can be catastrophic.

Hiker Dies After Falling From Yosemite's Iconic Half Dome Trail

They will examine the costs and benefits of this policy, along with a contemporary issue concerning the use of off-road vehicles in the National Parks. The very place where our Founding Fathers signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution - the documents that set America apart from other nations and created the world's longest-standing democracy - is no longer fully under the control of our government and the American people.

Larger image Current USGS research on rockfalls in Yosemite Valley continues, using state-of-the-art lidar and radar technology, as well as motion sensors to track rock movements, as precursors to rockfalls.

During the two years he worked at the mill owned by James Mason HutchingsMuir started building his own Yosemite Creek cabin, if only so he could hear the sound of the water as he slept. Larger image Threatened and Endangered Amphibians USGS biological research in Yosemite National Park is focused on a wide range of sensitive species, ecological process, and land use topics.

This was reportedly the first major battle of the environmental movement. Other United Nations designations as "biodiversity" areas include the following National Park Service lands: USGS streamflow measurements, especially those from benchmark gages, provide an invaluable foundation for studying the effects of climate change because of their accuracy and long duration.

His published writings were also instrumental in the creation of Grand Canyon and Sequoia national parks. Several individuals worried that the parks scenic beauty and pristine environment would be damaged by the automobile.National Geographic's guide to the National Parks.

Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. Yosemite National Park. Zion National Park. As Yosemite National Park celebrates its th anniversary, and the National Park Service celebrates its centennial, the U.S. Geological Survey looks back on the integral role its science has played in the long-term health, management, and understanding of the park and its natural resources.

Apr 13,  · Park rangers meet in front of Yosemite Falls in in Yosemite National Park in California. Increased fees are expected to boost funding for park maintenance across the country.

Yosemite National Park Research Paper Yosemite National Park, is a beautiful piece of nature it is a mile nature getaway from the urban life that is lived San Francisco, CA and miles away from the fast pace and overwhelming life that is lived in Los Angeles CA.

Stop to explore all the sites and wonders of sprawling Yellowstone National Park. Continue on to Yosemite where your tour takes in all the stony peaks, beautiful open meadows, and piney forests that make up this national treasure. Mather was a leader in the transformation of the poorly managed and underfinanced national parks and monuments into the centrally administered National Park Service.

Under his dynamic leadership, Grand Canyon, Acadia, Bryce, Zion, Lassen, Hawaii, and Mount McKinley National Parks were established.

Yosemite national park the national treasure essay
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