Would you rather live in a city or in the country

More than rural hospitals have closed in the past 25 years. Your doctor actually calls you back the same day you call with a concern.

City v country: where's the better place to live?

For example, I do not have a grocery store of any kind within walking distance of my house. I want to share my mission for my blog with you.

There's a reason New Yorkers are considered to be the most thick-skinned people on earth: Country house photo via Shutterstock "The Healthy Geezer" answers questions about health and aging in his weekly column.

If you were a teacher, what subject, class, and grade would you teach? AskWomen benefits from honest answers with a variety of perspectives.

Urban Legends

Would you rather live in the woods, or in the city? Classic westerns Rio Bravo and 3: It's all true -- they could thank Arizona for dishing out a variety of daily content, including continuing SB dramaboycottspolitical scandals, and camera-crazy law enforcement officials.

Winter temperatures in Phoenix are like summer temperatures in Florida, minus the humidity. One of my favorite parts of living in the area was seeing the hot air balloons travel above the vineyards on the weekend mornings.

You can thank the braintrust at Sky Malllocated in Phoenix.

Would you rather escape to the suburbs or stay in the city forever?

Downvote only to indicate that either a comment or post does not add to discussion; not to indicate disagreement. I didn't leave off any zeros. There's space — for you, for your dog, for your kids, between you and your annoying neighbors.

Our official state neckwear is the bola tie also spelled boloregularly worn by Steve Segall and Chuck Norris. Write about a time when you were entrusted with a secret. Minority users are encouraged to answer the question as it applies to themselves.

Anything California can do, we can do better. Write a letter to a person who has inspired you. Kids who annoy you by listening to rap music in the bus? What shows would you visit? The air is clean and never smoggy, and I can literally sit on my back porch with the lights off and see the Milky Way at night.

To put it another way, there's a lot less income inequality. If you're a goth, head to London's Camden Town, which will love to have you. Prescott, Arizona is home to the World's Oldest Rodeowhich dates back to Fortunately, they have mostly been in one direction from the property so the hunting opportunities have not been affected much but as a couple of farmers get old, it will change quickly.

I have property about 35 miles from the Cities and it has gone from mostly farm land with easy access to hunting to several housing developments that have added homes within a 2 mile radius.

It's a popular city to enjoy golf with nine courses available. There are some fascinating structures in Urbania - beautiful buildings, great shows and parades, and breathtaking lights and signs.

It's also known for having thousands of beautiful acres of vineyards where over 56 different types of grapes grow. Over 10 years of excellent service guiding tours. No one has a clue or cares what brand of clothing you're wearing, let alone whether your shoes, purse or belt are this year's season or last.

Temecula, CA Reviews

I don't think there's a definitive answer to that question. Frank Lloyd Wright wintered here. Yup, you read that right. Awarded a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence.

Comparing California to Florida? There IS No Comparison

You like playing in all-female netball teams? Two thirds of the deaths attributed to car accidents occur on rural roads. There's inspiration in the desert and we're not just talking about peyote. At 16, acres, it beats Central Park by 15,Would you rather live in Colorado or Washington? I currently live in Washington and I love it.

Depending on what side you choose, we have everything from rain forests, mountains, beaches and deserts. (broke some record or something for our city). It gets kind of gloomy after awhile, I missed the sun during those days. Other than that. Oct 08,  · I’d rather live in the city.

I lived in the country before and it absolutely terrified me to have to walk in the dark and to hear sounds of crickets. I don’t i guess I didn’t like the feeling that anyone could be watching me and I wouldnt polonyauniversitem.com: Resolved. In my opinion, the nature of urban and rural life-styles and its effects on people is the most important difference between living in the city and living in the country.

It is supposed that people who live in rural areas are calmer, more family-oriented, a little conservative and friendlier. City slicker for life My parents live in the suburbs, having left the city in the s. Back then, that was the goal: get out. Back then, that was the goal: get out.

Meanwhile, all my brothers and I want is to stay here and keep moving up the real estate ladder, if we can. they mean like country side near farms and fields, a country you mean is like usa or england. with loads of country sides and cities in it.

What country is best for me? Well, that of course, depends. It depends on a lot of factors, including personal preferences, your motives for expatriation, your financial circumstances, and whether you plan to work or start or run a business while abroad, or simply retire on a pension or Social Security.

Would you rather live in a city or in the country
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