Observation as a tool of inquiry essay

It makes it possible to collect different types of data. In these instances, he notes the use of rapid assessment techniques that include "going in and getting on with the job of collection data without spending months developing rapport.

This means that there will be a bit of postmodern auto-ethnographic information told in the etic or researcher's voice PIKE,along with the participants' voices which provide the emic perspective PIKE, I chose to remain in the motel, because this enabled me to have the down time in the evenings that I needed to write up field notes and code and analyze data.

The relationship between observer and observed, the shifting meaning of identity and Other in an increasingly connected globe, the role of observation in new virtual and Web technologies, and the surveillance of student performance are among many issues that preoccupy scholars and have implications for observation research.

He further advises that fieldworkers ask themselves if what they want to learn makes the best use of Observation as a tool of inquiry essay opportunity presented. An environmental restraint of importance would be wind. And scale, and in terms of geographical coverage and whole - school to the good work written assignments and exams.

This paper, while not wholly inclusive of all that has been written about this type of field work methods, presents an overview of what is known about it, including its various definitions, history, and purposes, the stances of the researcher, and information about how to conduct observations in the field.

In my own research, I have been hesitant to write about religious ceremonies or other aspects of indigenous culture that I have observed, for example, for fear of relating information that my participants or other community members might feel should not be shared.

He suggests that, to move around gracefully within the culture, one should: They suggest using a nested sampling frame to determine differences in knowledge about a topic. Once the data have been organized in this way, there will probably be several sections in the narrative that reflect one's interpretation of certain themes that make the cultural scene clear to the reader.

I found this attitude to be very helpful in establishing rapport, in getting the community members to explain things they thought I should know, and in inviting me to observe activities that they felt were important for my understanding of their culture.

It makes it possible to collect different types of data. Through freelisting, they build a dictionary of coded responses to explain various categories. They suggest that the researcher should: In this way, they are better able to note their guesses about the participants' ages, gender, ethnicity, etc.

Autoethnography, in recent years, has become an accepted means for illustrating the knowledge production of researchers from their own perspective, incorporating their own feelings and emotions into the mix, as is illustrated by Carolyn ELLIS i. Video clip figure one was ranked 2nd because sing his pess stayed stationary and together.

Several students have indicated that this was a fun exercise in which their children, who were the participants in the activity, were delighted to be involved; they also noted that this provided them with a pictographic recollection of a part of their children's lives that would be a keepsake.

DeWALT and DeWALT add that it improves the quality of data collection and interpretation and facilitates the development of new research questions or hypotheses p.

Observation as a Tool of Inquiry Essay Paper

Seeking out participants with different points of view enables the researcher to fully flesh out understanding of the topic in that culture. Simply observing without participating in the action may not lend itself to one's complete understanding of the activity.

Because the conversations dealt with sexual content, which, in their culture, was referred to more delicately as intimacy, I was unable to report my findings, as, to do so, would have been inappropriate.

These activities also are useful for enabling the researcher to know what to observe and from whom to gather information. I chose to maintain a relationship with the Creek people, so I did not publish any of the findings from that study.

Membership roles in field research. Validity is stronger with the use of additional strategies used with observation, such as interviewing, document analysis, or surveys, questionnaires, or other more quantitative methods.

Although the powerful filter of the human eye is central, observation is an experiential and interpretive practice that mobilizes all human senses. Through using the element of observation as a tool of inquiry, I have reinforced that my statements are credible. Participant observation is more difficult than simply observing without participation in the activity of the setting, since it usually requires that the field notes be jotted down at a later time, after the activity has concluded.

They are instructed to remember as much as possible, then record their recollections in as much detail as they can remember as soon as possible after the activity ends. Further, they usually find it interesting to make guesses about the participants in terms of age, gender, ethnicity, and relationship to other participants in the setting, based on what they heard.

Contemporary researchers who draw from a tradition of ethnographic naturalism argue that an objective stance is imperative in undertaking credible observation. In the second notebook, they suggest keeping memos, casual "mullings, questions, comments, quirky notes, and diary type entries" p.

Because the researcher is the instrument of observation, his or her training and personal experience can be a potential resource for developing knowledge. Yet the use of observation in research is a purposeful act that requires more than the physical capacity for sight.

The first of these elements includes the physical environment. He also cautions that, when using highly placed individuals as gatekeepers, the researcher may be expected to serve as a spy. In this description of the observation process, one is expected to become a part of the group being studied to the extent that the members themselves include the observer in the activity and turn to the observer for information about how the group is operating.

It may be necessary to refocus one's attention to what is actually going on.are the most standardized way of collecting observation data and include both preset questions and responses.

These forms are typically used for collecting data that can be. One advantage of using observation as a research tool is that it allows the observer to record actual behaviours.

In a mixed method research project it could use semi-structured interviews to compare data with what the participants subsequently said.

How to Select the Right Classroom Observation Tool: 3 skills that teachers bring into the classroom setting, and feed-back and support around these behaviors is much more likely. An observation essay has a lot of common features with the descriptive narrative; play with five human senses.

Observation Essay Sample

Make sure every page of your paper makes the reader taste, hear, smell, see, and. OBSERVATION AS A RESEARCH TOOL OF QUALITATIVE RESEARCH Qualitative research is aimed at gaining a deep understanding of a specific organization or event, rather than a surface description of a large sample of a population.

It aims to provide an explicit rendering of the structure, order, and broad. Observation, particularly participant observation, has been used in a variety of disciplines as a tool for collecting data about people, processes, and cultures in qualitative research.

Observation Research Essay

This paper provides a look at various definitions of participant observation, the history of its use, the purposes for which it is used, the stances of the.

Observation as a tool of inquiry essay
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