Essay on family values in indian culture

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A woman's traditional role is to be a homemaker, a mother, and an obedient wife. Large joint families are more prevalent in urban than rural areas and vary in prevalence with region and caste. In polygyny there are several wives. Restaurants, tea shops, kava bars, and food stalls are ubiquitous in the towns.

Sororal polygyny is one in which all the wives are sisters.

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Better status to Women: When children Essay on family values in indian culture large number of fathers they fail to select appropriate model for themselves. The Struggle for Power in Early Fiji, Fijian and Hindi often are spoken at home and are used in religious contexts and on radio and television.

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Formal and lengthy speeches accompany the presentation of a whale's tooth. Particularly the leaders of primitive society increased number of wives in order to prove their superiority. Instead of going for extra marital relations husband stays at home because his desire for variety of sex relations is fulfilled within polygyny.

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The culture of Tamilnadu or Tamilian culture can be best expressed as comprising the following: Fijians who live in villages engage in subsistence farming on descent-group allotments, guided by traditional agricultural practices. Some traditions have changed slightly over the years, such as when people used to eat goose at Christmas, however most families adopted the new tradition due to the circumstances of the price of turkey.

Inthe first boatload of Indian indentured laborers arrived. In the nineteenth century, epidemic diseases decimated the indigenous population, and the arrival of South Asian workers beginning in caused Fijians to become temporarily a minority in the islands from the late s to the late s. Other non-ethnic Fijians and expatriates also have some input in these sectors, but ethnic Fijians are minimally involved, either as owners or entrepreneurs.

Under this system the parents of lower castes or classes want to improve their social status by marrying their daughters in the higher caste or classes. Fijians have adopted chili peppers, unleavened bread, rice, vegetables, curries, and tea from the Indian population, while Indians have adapted to eating taro and cassava and drinking kava, a narcotic drink.

Higher education does not weaken joint family system and since higher education is found more among the upper and upper-middle castes, joint family is more among them than the lower caste and class people.

There are 27 per cent families with low degree of jointness, 17 per cent with high degree, 30 per cent with higher and 21 per cent with highest degree.

Desai finds the following five types of degrees of jointness: Researchers have shown that compared to the unmarried, married persons are generally happier, healthier, less depressed and disturbed and less prone to premature deaths.

Essay on family values in india

That means, if someone has a strong sense of what is right and wrong because of the values they were raised with, they are less likely to become victims of deviant influences. Group marriage is that type of marriage in which a group of men marry a group of women.

Lambert also observes that even where spouses are employed, the familial pattern does not follow the western pattern.Art & Culture. Culture plays an important role in the development of any nation.

It represents a set of shared attitudes, values, goals and practices.

Essay on family values

India is a country where essay on family values in india values and traditions are held above personal aspirations and happiness. Ma dissertation pdf essay on family values in india yahoo finance educational and career goals essay Annotation style for nursing journalism Jack: Family Values.

Essay: Discuss the values that are important in family life.

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What exactly makes up a strong family that possess good family values? A strong family units a safe, positive and supportive place for all members to thrive. They are able to utilise resources and. college essay values list.

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For centuries in Vietnam, traditional family values were accomplished by the fulfillment of traditional roles: the role of man and woman as parents. Vietnamese valued their traditional ideal of .

Essay on family values in indian culture
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