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Essay on the Treatment of Epilepsy | Diseases | Medical Science

About 20 percent of seizures in children can be attributed to developmental neurological conditions. Idiopathic epileptics have usually early onset. Diazepam is the most effective and is given intravenously in a dose of 10 mg.

Essay on the Treatment of Epilepsy | Diseases | Medical Science

When the clinical manifestations of epilepsy are more emotional or psychotic and when changes in level of consciousness and level of cognition are not apparent difficulty relating to diagnosis arises in distinguishing an organic mental disorder of epileptic origin from a psychiatric disorder.

This is especially true for patients who have partial or totally lack any response to lithium administration. Some persons sleep for a few hours or may awaken immediately and when they gain consciousness, they have no memory for the events immediately preceding the convulsions and experiences involved therein.

Lamictal can also be used for the treatment of borderline personality disorder. Patients have been noted to experience an improvement in the level of seizure severity, happiness as well as mastery as pointed Epilepsy oral essay by Goa, Ross and Chrisp Many people are diagnosed with focal frontal lobe or medial temporal lobe seizures.

It is given by injection when phenytoin cannot be given by mouth, e.

The Epilepsies and Seizures: Hope Through Research

Language and learning difficulties were diagnosed as the patient had been repeating his fifth grade for 5 years. Status epilepticus can be convulsive in which outward signs of a seizure are observed or nonconvulsive which has no outward signs and is diagnosed by an abnormal EEG.

She could not ascertain if there was any loss of consciousness, during these episodes. Therefore those with the disease should in no way be treated any differently to others.

The disease is in no way contagious or transmittable. Symptoms may include unusual sensations, visual hallucinations, emotional changes, muscle contractions, convulsions, and a variety of other symptoms, depending on where in the brain the seizures originate.

In case of violent attacks accompanied by excitement, confusion and various psychotic symptoms, it is advised to institutionalise the patient Epileptics should not be allowed to drive cars, or even to engage themselves in occupations where a fall or unconsciousness may lead to danger.

Though rhythm disturbances are most marked in actual attack even during the periods when there is no attack, in 85 per cent of the patients, transient disturbances of rhythm are observed. They should never resent it.

Several tests and careful monitoring may be needed to make the distinction between epilepsy and these other disorders. Another common type of seizure is an absence.

Symptoms, causes, and treatment of epilepsy

But unfortunately, drugs do not always help. In other words, the brain wave is slow and fast alternatively. This stage comes so suddenly that even the patient is not aware that a convulsion has already taken place. Tell-show-do approach was very helpful in this patient. Diazepam is the most effective and is given intravenously in a dose of 10 mg.

This only happens when medication fails and the injured tissue is confined to one area of the brain and can be safely removed without damaging personality or functions. Mechanism of action The exact mechanism of Epilepsy oral essay that Lamictal takes is not known GlaxoSmithKline, Its side effects are similar to that of diazepam.

People with PNES should be evaluated for underlying psychiatric illness and treated appropriately. For some, this risk can be higher, depending on several factors.

Mutations in genes that control neuronal migration — a critical step in brain development — can lead to areas of misplaced or abnormally formed neurons, called cortical dysplasia, in the brain that can cause these mis-wired neurons to misfire and lead to epilepsy.

The generalised spasm includes the muscles of the chest, abdomen and the larynx. You may scream as your respiratory muscles contract and your lips may go blue due to lack of oxygen.Epilepsy is the earliest recorded brain disorder. People with epilepsy have been feared and isolated by society throughout history.

Ancient Greeks thought people with epilepsy had mystical powers. Romans treated people with epilepsy as lepers and outcasts. Mar 26,  · Oral Rescue Medicines How to write epilepsy essay? Topic: polonyauniversitem.com Help. The mission of the Epilepsy Foundation is to lead the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

Epilepsy is also called falling disease, fits, or convulsions. As a result of chronic brain pathology there are unpredictable seizures and frequent states of delirium which of course remain for a short duration. Epilepsy, in fact, does not denote a specific disease, but a symptom.

Epilepsy constitutes an important mental health problem. Epilepsy Epilepsy is a brain disorder in which a person has repeated seizures (convulsions) over time. Seizures are episodes of disturbed brain activity that cause changes in attention or behavior.

Causes Epilepsy occurs when permanent changes in brain tissue cause the brain to be too excitable or jumpy. Epilepsy Symptoms. While many types of repetitive behavior may represent a neurological problem, a doctor needs to establish whether or not they are seizures.

Generalized seizures: All areas of.

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