Business strategy of grameen phone in bangladesh

Four simple statements, but when embraced by GrameenPhone people around the world, they will help transform GrameenPhone into the global driving force for modern communications and customer satisfaction we need to become. Currently, this service is offered to corporate clients only.

To keep up this upward trend and leading position absolute dedication to understanding and fulfilling their customer needs with the appropriate mix of standard service, reliability, improved technology and skilled as well as dedicated manpower is necessary. This is why GrameenPhone, in collaboration with Grameen Bank and Grameen Telecom, is aiming to place one phone in each village to contribute significantly to the economic benefit of the poor.

GP have 5 divisions and 3 departments each having a director. All newspaper advertising is done in conjunction with the channel to help build channel business. First aid, safety in working place, clean environment etc topics is generally discussed in these awareness programs.

Grameenphone, Bangladesh

The Company follows mass promotional strategy. As a result GP is delivering the digital revolution to the doorsteps of the poor and unconnected. All employees are bound to retain silence regarding all business relation or other relations who could provide unauthorized information to outsiders, especially competitors.

The Company wants to penetrate the market by offering reasonable prices. The managing director directly reports to the Board of directors. Moreover round the year GP helps in arranging voluntary Blood Donation camps and works through seminars and camps to produce awareness between mass people about blood donation.

Branding is very important in a developing country like Bangladesh where consumer confidence is essential to growth. Corporate Social Responsibility As a socially responsible company, GrameenPhone actively participated for the development of cricket in the country, especially for the youth development program of cricket.

Feedback helps in redefining an existing product. Confidentiality of information All employees must maintain secrecy in respect of all Company matters and polices. Branding GP is committed to build on its already strong brand equity, and the company has already achieved a high level of recognition after only three years in the market.

Later in March 26ththey offered their service in Dhaka city and gradually covered the entire country. GP is also committed to acting honestly in its dealings with its customers, its distribution partners, its suppliers, and government institutions and other stakeholders. Individuals between the age of years can be hired as regular employee of GrameenPhone.

It wants to earn wider profit margin. The GP brand incites curiosity and interest across all walks of life which is reflected by the coverage received from local and international media. GP has sponsored Cleanliness programs in its own locality and in slam areas of Gulshan to prevent the breeding of mosquitoes and for healthy environment.

With time both the operator extended their coverage and service feature. The sharing of any of the information with them exclusively depends at the discretion of GrameenPhone. GP is the first in the industry to provide bundle products whereby subscribers can get a predefined number of minutes free for a monthly fee.

Corporate Information

In the spirit of internationalism, GrameenPhone may recruit senior employee from abroad in case suitable national employee could not be hired, upon approved by Board of Directors. HR and the concerned line manager will maintain absolute confidently of the implementation of any part of the recruitment process.

GrameenPhone has a board of directors headed by a Chairman. Interior profiling of the outlets have been developed and it is under further development so that all GP outlets have similar design and decorum to give a feeling of uniformity to everyone entering any GP outlet.

Recently, the company is mainly focusing on the non-voice services. Otherwise, in the long run new innovation services will not give its ultimate success.

Customer Satisfaction of Grameenphone Limited

Grameen Telecom, with the help of Grameen Bank, administers the Village Phone services to the villagers and trains the operators as well as handles all service-related issues. During separation from the Company, an employee must return ID card to HR otherwise release order will not be issued. Thus consumers get the best for the least.

GrameenPhone knows that the talents and energy of its employees are critical to its operation and treats them accordingly.

All the directors report directly to the managing director. It wants to realize higher return on invested capital. When a product or service is introduced in the market in order to inform the customer about the product and service as well as to provide after sales service the most feasible way is customer care service.

Grameen Phone provides basic health service and entertainment facilities to the orphanage round the year. Market size and Coverage The total market size of the mobile industry is GrameenPhone looks forward to working hand-in-hand for the development of the country.Moktar Ali Associate professor Department of Marketing Faculty of Business Studies University of Dhaka Sub: Request for acceptance of the term-paper Sir, We are very pleased to be able to submit the term-paper on “Customer satisfaction of Grameenphone limited”.

With the help of Grameenphone, Grameen Telecom operates the national Village Phone programme, alongside its own parent Grameen Bank and the International Finance Corporation InGrameenphone was adjudged the Joint Venture Enterprise of the Year at the Bangladesh Business Awards.

In the next year.

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Mkt Policy Of Grameen Phone. In: Business and Management Phone Program The Village Phone program is GrameenPhone's unique method of bringing connectivity to the rural areas of Bangladesh.

the basic strategy of cell-to-cell coverage is applied throughout GrameenPhone’s network. A typical Grameen Bank borrower takes a loan. Marketing Strategy of GrameenPhone.

GrameenPhone (GP) is the largest cell-phone operator in Bangladesh. GP was given the cellular license in 28th November by the ministry of Posts and Telecommunications. Marketing Strategy of GrameenPhone. GrameenPhone (GP) is the largest cell-phone operator in Bangladesh. GP was given the cellular license in 28th November by the ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

Grameen Phone’s basic strategy is the coverage of both urban and rural areas. The Company has devised its strategies so that it earns healthy returns for its shareholders and at the same time, contributes to genuine development of the country.

Business strategy of grameen phone in bangladesh
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